To do anything consistently, begins with starting fresh and having a way to begin the same way every time. Followed by a step by step guide or sequence of required actions to assist in achieving a desired outcome, in trading the desired outcome is a profitable trade. The foundation of FT System is the "Fulcrum Visual Alerts". Once the Fulcrum Visual Alert is CONFIRMED, by default this also establishes that the FT Template has identified that there is a "Current High or Low Diamond preceding it" and that it wants to reach its counterpart (Current Low or High Diamond).

So no matter what activity precedes our trading session, whether it was sleep, breakfast, lunch, work, gym or the movies, we need to be able to reset and centre ourselves to be present for our trading session. To make sure that we are able to be in that perfect space of Mind every time, to be calm, centred and alert, we do the following.

Before you open your computer for trading, make sure

- that you are hydrated and have water nearby

- that your mobile is on so you can receive the Push Notifications from your computer

- that you are not hungry

To trade the System, you will need the "FT TEMPLATE" and the "DPH ASSESSOR". A screen shot of both can be seen below.